Debra Dougal

Debra is head of UK VAT Advice, Haslers in-house VAT consultancy. She provides high-level VAT advice on a wide range of complex issues.

Her expertise allows her to assist business with VAT efficient transactions and structures, with an emphasis on property and construction, where the VAT exposure is often significant.

She has built up an extensive technical knowledge over more than 30 years’ specialising in VAT and takes a practical approach.

Her specialist advice has helped businesses to successfully argue against HMRC allowing them to achieve substantial VAT savings and compensation.

A very experienced VAT lecturer, Debra delivers seminars to clients, business groups and other professionals and also supports other accountancy and law firms with their high level VAT requirements.

Debra is passionate about musical theatre and has seen more than 100 West End and Broadway shows – a passion she shares with her three daughters.