Haslers congratulate staff members on long service in anniversary year

As the firm begins its 70th year in business, it is recognising the outstanding achievements of its team and reflecting on their time at the practice based in Loughton, thanking them for their fantastic contribution to the practice’s growth.

Members of staff including Becky Williams, Pamela Grant, Paul Williams and Peter Cross will all celebrate their 25th year at the firm in 2021, after joining back in 1996.

Paul Williams who joined Haslers 25 years ago as an Audit Senior and is now an Associate Director comments “Throughout the years I have progressed my role and career, enjoying the variety of work and experience that I have gained along the way. The best thing about working for Haslers is that the firm is always adapting and changing to the current environment ensuring it continues to move forward to meet the needs of clients and staff.

If you put in the effort Haslers provides the opportunities to develop your long-term career, surrounded by a supportive team”.

Haslers Chairman Jon O’Shea, who has himself served 30 years at the practice, said: “As we approach our 70th anniversary it is only right that we recognise and thank those members of staff who helped us to get where we are today.

“We are very fortunate to have an excellent team at Haslers, who are always willing to go out of their way to help businesses.

“I think the length of service that some of these staff members have served with us speaks volumes about the wonderful work environment that we have created and how we support and reward our team.”

Twenty-five years ago, Pamela Grant saw an advert for a job at Haslers and turned to her husband and said, “this job is just made for me” and how right she was.

Pamela comments “From the moment I set foot in the offices on my first day back in May 1996, I felt as if I’d been there for years. Haslers has a great family atmosphere; everyone is very friendly, and we all look after one another.  The partners are always understanding about the difficulties and problems that arise from having a young family and now we have flexible working which helps everyone.

The partners encourage staff if there is a specialism that interests them and that is why Haslers is a one-stop shop for all of your accounting, tax and business needs.  There is always somebody in the office that can help with any of our client’s problems.

It’s great to see how staff that we take on as school leavers progress through the firm, and I love the feeling of having helped them in their chosen career as tax professionals.  I never envisaged that I’d still be here after 25 years but moving to Haslers was definitely the best decision that I’ve ever made; other than of course agreeing to marry my husband”

Meanwhile, Michelle Dean celebrated her 20th year at the firm over the past few months. They will be joined in the New Year by Paul Reynolds who is due to mark two decades at the firm in the next 12 months.

It is not surprising to see so many long-standing members of staff at the firm, especially given Haslers’ approach to supporting and nurturing its team over the years.

This culminated last year in the launch of a new package of bonuses and benefits, as it focuses on staff wellbeing within the busy practice.

Christine Inch, HR & Team Development Partner at Haslers, said: “Our approach to supporting our team is a critical part of our operations at Haslers. It is great that we are able to take some time out in this special year to celebrate the long service of so many people in one go.”

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Haslers congratulate staff members on long service in anniversary year
Haslers congratulate staff members on long service in anniversary year