Haslers new guide demystifies EIS and SEIS investments

Guide to Enterprise Investment Schemes and Seed Enterprise Investment SchemesEnterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS) offer some of the most attractive tax breaks in the UK.

Both schemes, which have become increasingly popular in recent years, are designed to help small businesses raise finance and offer appealing incentives for investors who purchase new company shares.

However, understanding the pros and cons of EIS and SEIS schemes can be confusing, which is why Haslers has produced a useful new guide to help would-be investors.

Haslers’ Guide to ‘Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes’ and ‘Enterprise Investment Schemes’ aims to demystify these schemes.

Our guide, which is available to download now, explains the main differences between them and outlines the rules that govern a potential investor’s eligibility, showing how the process for claiming back tax relief works.

If you are considering investing in an EIS or SEIS scheme we recommend seeking expert tax advice from Haslers’ tax team.

Help and advice is also available to owners of small businesses who are interested in the schemes as a way of raising additional business capital for their venture.

To find out more, please contact Paul Reynolds at Paul.Reynolds@haslers.com or by calling 020 8418 3333.