Haslers – on a mission to Go Green

In April, Haslers launched its Go Green company initiative, as part of our ongoing mission to reduce company waste and become carbon neutral within the next decade.

We were delighted to welcome our local MP, Eleanor Laing, to our offices to officially kick-off our campaign.

If you have recently visited our website, you may have noticed a temporary change to our logo – it’s gone green too!

Our firm has pledged to cut the use of plastic cutlery and polystyrene cups and we are looking to replace paper towels with hand dryers in the future. We have also swapped from using plastic to glass milk bottles sourced locally from Ongar Dairy.

Jon O’Shea, Chairman of Haslers, is part of the Green Team that is leading the campaign. He said: “With the world focusing on environmental change as a result of pollution, we thought that it was only right and about time that we did our own bit as well as a responsible business.

“All the money that we save from reducing our waste and energy will be ploughed back into this campaign so that we can continue to improve efficiencies and meet our goal of carbon neutrality.”

As part of our #ditchtheplastic campaign, we are:

  • No longer using polystyrene cups, plastic stirrers or plastic cutlery – instead, we will be providing extra glasses, mugs and cutlery, as well as a reusable branded water bottles for our staff
  • No longer buying bottled mineral water for use in meeting rooms – glass jugs will be used and filled with cold filtered water instead prior to each meeting
  • In the future? – Further down the line will be looking to replace paper towels with hand dryers, along with a number of other solutions to tackle waste

Haslers Go Green is not about saving money, but is a commitment to a greener future. We are keen to share best practice and would love to hear from schools that are also doing their bit for the environment.

Please let us know how your school is ‘going green’ and we will feature your ideas in a future edition of our Spotlight on Education newsletter.