HMRC to publish furlough claim details

HMRC to publish furlough claim details

It has been announced that HMRC is now required to publish in the public domain, the names of employers and an indicative value of furlough claims made; irrespective of any data protection agreements employers may have in place with HMRC.

In a further measure, employees are to be given access to details of furlough claims made from 1 December 2020 in respect of their employment via their personal tax accounts, which are generally inaccessible to agents.

In the case of sole directors of owner managed businesses with no other employees who have been furloughed this could result in personal salary information being made public by way of the claim being disclosed. It is unclear at this stage whether a de minimus amount will apply.

In view of this new stance from HMRC, employers need to carefully consider whether they are happy to proceed with furlough claims from 1 December 2020 .

Exceptions to the public disclosures can be applied for on the basis of potential violent threat or intimidation but these will need to be supported by evidence.

Information has yet to be published regarding how the indicative value is to be arrived at.

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HMRC to publish furlough claim details