HR January Update

HR January Update

Lockdown 3 is posing even greater challenges for businesses who employ staff.

Here are 4 areas business owners might like to consider.

Working plus home-schooling

  • How to support staff who are juggling the demands of working from home with online schooling?
  • Flexible working hours
  • Avoiding meetings during scheduled zoom lessons
  • Temporary reduction to working hours

Health & Wellbeing – it is reported that over 50%* of the population are experiencing anxiety so what steps can companies take?

  • Ensuring those who are working in the office feel secure – PPE, social distancing etc
  • Regular video communication rather than just e-mail for those working from home
  • Encourage dialogue about how staff are feeling
  • Organise fun online social activities for staff
  • Drop in coffee sessions
  • Encourage employees to take time out for themselves
  • Keep in touch with those on furlough
  • Support packages for wellbeing initiatives

*Source Mental Health Org.

Beyond furlough? Employers should start now thinking about what resources they might need after lockdown. Many businesses may need to cut costs so things to consider are:

  • Restructuring of the business – staffing levels
  • Review of staff contracts, terms, hours etc
  • Reduction in use of premises and more working from home
  • Are redundancies necessary?

Workplace post lockdown

  • Now is a good time to review whether your workplace is COVID secure.
  • Are the provisions you put in place last summer/autumn still fit for purpose?

Once lockdown restrictions are eased you want to be able to open your premises as soon as possible whilst maintaining safety of your staff.

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HR January Update

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