Local MP launches new green campaign led by Haslers Chartered Accountants

MP Eleanor Laing has inaugurated the launch of Haslers Go Green – a new campaign created by the local accountants to reduce their environmental footprint.

The Loughton-based firm has launched their latest project with the aim of reducing their waste and becoming carbon neutral within the next decade.

Driven by a will to improve the environment in the local and wider community, Haslers Chartered Accountants is #ditchingtheplastic by swapping out bottled water and offering staff a branded reusable water bottle created by Premier Print and Promotions instead.

The firm is also cutting its use of plastic cutlery and polystyrene cups and is looking to replace paper towels with hand dryers in the future, while it has also swapped from using plastic to glass milk bottles sourced locally from Ongar Dairy.

“Ongar Dairy is delighted to be supplying milk in glass bottles to Haslers. As a small family business serving the local doorstep community for 25 years, it is a fantastic partnership for us which enables us to build on our reputation and help another local business in reducing plastic wastage.

“A milkman is an integral part of the community and we look forward to being able to supply Haslers with fresh milk and other locally sourced produce for years to come. Our glass bottles are reused up to 50 times and do not end up polluting our oceans. Every single plastic container makes a big difference.

“One of our biggest local success stories is Haslers Accountants in Loughton. We now deliver 90 pints of glass bottled milk to their office every week and estimate that alone, Haslers have therefore stopped using in excess of 1,000 plastic containers per year.”

Every single one of us can make a change with regards to plastic usage. In just four and a half months we have seen a shift of 80% of our customer base switching to glass. It is fantastic that a large local business is supporting us in our fight against plastic.”

Although these are just some of the small steps that the firm is taking, it has wider ambitions to reduce its energy use.

Talking at the launch of the Haslers Go Green Campaign, Ms Laing said: “I am very happy to support this brilliant initiative by Haslers.  Great efforts are being made at national and international level, as the Prime Minister announced yesterday to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting but, as individuals and local organisations, we don’t have to wait to be told what to do by the Government.

“Haslers have set a tremendous example by massively reducing their use of plastic.  If each of us follows this example imagine how much waste we could avoid and what a good effect that would have on our environment”.

Jon O’Shea, Chairman of Haslers, is part of the Green Team that is leading the campaign. He said: “With the world focusing on environmental change as a result of pollution, we thought that it was only right and about time that we did our own bit as well as a responsible business.

“All the money that we save from reducing our waste and energy will be ploughed back into this campaign so that we can continue to improve efficiencies and meet our goal of carbon neutrality.

“I would like to thank Eleanor for joining us at the launch of this campaign to raise local awareness of this issue and I would encourage other businesses to think about how they can improve their own green credentials.”