Parents urged to check credentials of private tutors

Parents urged to check credentials of private tutors

A rise in the popularity of private tutoring has prompted warnings, with parents urged to choose wisely to ensure extra-curricular teaching helps rather than hinders their children’s’ progress.

Although the private tuition sector is growing, it is currently unregulated, which means anyone can offer private tuition without formal qualifications.

Ian Thistlewood, General Manager of Cognita Tutoring, told i-news:  “It may be cheaper to find an undergraduate who is the brightest in the class and knows physics inside out, but they won’t understand how to teach and how it fits into the curriculum.

“That may send a child in the wrong direction. Teachers working in a school will be fully safeguarded, will have passed Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks and will understand the signs if a child is in a precarious position.”

The problem of candidates applying for private tutorial work with no qualifications has been made worse by the pandemic.

Hugh Viney, Founder of Minerva Tutors, said: “This time last year we were getting hundreds of tutoring applications per week from people who had lost their job and wanted to be a tutor. We wouldn’t necessarily hire these people but there are places where they can just sign up and offer their services.

“Parents may be impressed if someone went to a good university and has a top academic record, but then they realise they have no skill in tutoring or motivating a child.”

John Nicholls, President of the Tutors’ Association, which sets professional standards for its members to follow, said:

“There are obvious risks of using a random student as a tutor but there are organisations that do a good job training people.

“If you are getting low-cost tuition there is the adage that you are getting what you pay for. Anyone can theoretically become a tutor but if you want someone good then have someone dedicated to doing it properly.”

Parents urged to check credentials of private tutors
Parents urged to check credentials of private tutors

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