HR Health Check

1. Do you check at interview stage that applicants legally have the right to work in the UK?
2. Do you have a signed copy of an employment contract for all your employees?
3. Do all your employees get at least 5.6 weeks paid leave per annum (pro rata if part time)?
4. Have you set up a pension scheme for your staff which complies with auto enrolment?
5. Do you have a process and policy for recording sickness and managing sickness absence?
6. Do you have a staff handbook containing Company policies & procedures?
7. Do you have disciplinary and grievance procedures that reflect the ACAS Code of Practice?
8. Are you familiar with the statutory requirements for maternity/paternity/adoption and parental leave?
9. Have your staff been issued with a Social Media/IT policy?
10. Do you have a process for dealing with poor performance, capability or conduct issues?
11. Are you confident that you and your managers are familiar with the key things to be aware of when managing staff?
12. Do you have a process in place to measure the performance of your staff?
13. Do you know how engaged your employees are? Have you ever carried out any form of survey?
14. Do you have a system in place to identify staff with potential?
15. Do you have concerns about staff retention in your business?
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