Revitalising primary PE: Navigating the new sport premium landscape

Revitalising primary PE

Navigating the new sport premium landscape

The recent update to the School Sport and Activity Action plan introduces significant changes to the allocation and reporting of the PE and Sport Premium for primary schools.

The Department for Education now mandates that this premium must contribute to additional and sustainable improvements in PE, sports, and physical activity offerings.

Schools are encouraged to focus their PE and sport premium spending on five key areas:

  • Boosting staff confidence and skills
  • Engaging all pupils in physical activities
  • Raising the profile of PE and sport throughout the school
  • Broadening the range of physical activities available to all pupils
  • Increasing participation in competitive sports

Notable changes include the introduction of a digital reporting tool for expenditure accountability, an emphasis on providing at least two hours of high-quality PE and sport per week, ensuring equal access to sports for boys and girls, and the stipulation that funds must be utilised within the allocated academic year.

To navigate these changes and optimise the use of the PE and Sport Premium, schools should consider the following strategies:

  • Professional development: Invest in upskilling staff through professional development opportunities, such as those offered by the Youth Sport Trust Membership, which includes virtual CPD workshops on physical literacy, Ofsted PE deep dives, and PE and Sport Premium reporting.
  • Strategic planning: Use the digital reporting tool to strategically plan and transparently report on premium spending, ensuring investments align with the five key focus areas and contribute to sustainable improvements.
  • Engagement and participation: Develop initiatives to engage all students in physical activity, aiming for inclusivity and equal access, and expanding opportunities for competitive sports participation.
  • Maximising resources: Leverage the resources and support available through Youth Sport Trust Membership, including webinars, bulletins, and discounts, to enhance the quality of PE and sport provision.
  • Monitoring and evaluation: Regularly review and assess the impact of the premium spending on student outcomes, staff development, and overall school improvement in PE and sport, adjusting strategies as necessary to meet objectives.

By adopting these strategies, schools can ensure they meet the updated requirements for the PE and Sport Premium, maximising the benefit to their students’ physical education and activity levels while adhering to the latest Government guidance.

If you’d like further guidance on this issue, please reach out.

Revitalising primary PE
Revitalising primary PE