Accountants for Care Homes

Accountants for Care Homes

Increasing life expectancy, and the resulting growth in the UK’s older population – along with care home funding reforms – suggest that the future may hold new opportunities in the care homes sector.

Care homes that ensure they are in the best financial health will sharpen their competitive edge and be ready to develop and diversify and to take advantage of future developments in the care marketplace.

Dealing effectively with day-to-day and broader business development issues will give care businesses the firm foundation they need to move forward.

But it is not always easy to deal with those issues on your own and that’s where Haslers accountants and business advisers in East London and Essex can help.

We are experienced in working with care home businesses of all sizes, from small, privately owned operations to large corporate groups.

Whether we are advising on tax compliance or raising funds for expansion, our focus is to maximise financial and operational efficiency and identify opportunities that will benefit care home businesses now and in the future.

Our services for Care Homes include:

Accountants for Care Homes

Keeping detailed financial records is crucial for any business. However, it is not always easy to unlock data hidden in your accounts, which could help inform your decision-making and your care home operate more cost-effectively and profitably.

To maximise the value of your financial data, Haslers’ care home specialists in East London and Essex can provide expert accountancy support that goes further than simply keeping your books in order.

As well as advising on bookkeeping – to ensure you keep track of cash coming into and out of the business, enabling you to maintain a healthy cash flow – we can prepare your annual accounts in a way that keeps you compliant with regulatory requirements while providing valuable information for forward-planning and decision-making. We will also time your accounts production to enable you to take advantage of early tax planning opportunities.

We can also provide management information focusing on key issues for care home owners, including:

  • Occupancy rates
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including staff costs, agency staff, food costs and fees
  • Reports by individual home
  • Comparison reports
  • Performance reporting.

The insight we gain into your business enables us to provide tailored advice to help you do what you do well even better and to improve areas affecting your bottom line.

As your care home business develops, you may be looking for more in-depth advice but not have the resources available to fund an in-house finance director.

We can effectively take on this role for you, giving you access to expert advisers, working as part of your team, as and when you need us.

To find out more about Haslers’ East London and Essex-based accountancy services for care homes, please contact us.

Accountants for Care Homes

For many care home owners, buying or selling a business may be a once in a lifetime experience. With substantial sums at stake, expert support is essential.

An acquisition of another care home can have a fast and significant impact on your business. Haslers’ corporate finance specialists in East London and Essex can advise on all aspects of the transaction, including:

  • identifying potential targets and making approaches to them
  • carrying out business valuations in order to prepare an offer
  • negotiating the terms and structure of the deal with the vendors
  • carrying out financial due diligence checks
  • raising finance and negotiating with potential funders
  • advising on tax implications and maximising tax efficiency.

If you are looking to sell your care home business, our specialists can provide comprehensive, integrated advice, to help you achieve outcomes that reflect the value of your hard work and investment. Our services include:

  • Helping you to groom the business to enhance its future value
  • Identifying potential purchasers
  • Negotiating with buyers to maximise the proceeds of the sale
  • Structuring sale agreements
  • Maximising tax efficiency
  • Pension and retirement planning.

We can also advise on the most financially efficient way to exit the business if you are looking to pass it on to a family member.

To find out more about Haslers’ East London and Essex-based acquisition and disposal services for care homes, please contact us.

Accountants for Care Homes

When you are launching a new care home or taking your existing business in new directions, putting in place a robust business plan will give you the best chance of success, as well as assisting in sourcing funding.

Haslers’ care home specialists in East London and Essex can help you draw up a business plan for your company by assessing the feasibility of your ideas and advising on ways to refine and strengthen your plans.

Once your plans have been put into action, we can also create procedures to monitor and evaluate business performance on an ongoing basis, to help keep progress against your business plan targets on track.

To maximise your care home business’s profitability and success on a long-term basis, you need to have a clear idea of where you are going and how to get there.

That’s where a broader business strategy comes in – to identify your firm’s strengths and risks, to set goals and to define funding needs, management tools and even any new ways of working that you will need achieve your objectives.

It’s tough to do it alone, which is why it makes sense to work with care home specialists, like the Haslers team.

We can help you look at your care home business with fresh eyes and develop a robust strategy that gives you a focus for the future, as well as helping you maximise financial efficiency.

To find out more about Haslers’ East London and Essex-based business planning and strategy services for care homes, please contact us.

Accountants for Care Homes

Having the right finance in place at the right time is crucial to the success of any business, including care homes.

At Haslers accountants and business advisers in East London and Essex, we have a particular specialism in corporate finance and can provide comprehensive advice to care home owners and operators.

Our corporate finance advice on major transactions – such as business sales, acquisitions, mergers and management buyouts or buy-ins – includes advising on the tax efficiency of different funding options or investment in a business.

We can also advise on grooming a care home business for sale, prepare business or company valuations and provide financial due diligence services for investors.

Where care home businesses have existing funding arrangements in place, we can carry out reviews of these and examine the structure and cost.

If these are not providing the best value, we can help to source more appropriate and cost-effective alternatives, through our contacts with both traditional lenders and the new breed of non-bank funders. We can also help to present funding proposals in the most robust and persuasive way.

To find out more about Haslers’ East London and Essex-based corporate finance services for care homes, please contact us.

Accountants for Care Homes

When you’re running a care home business, your clients are your priority. When you’re also dealing with day-to-day business issues and working within strict regulatory and reporting regimes, it can be hard finding time to think about the future.

But when you’ve worked hard to build and grow a profitable business, you also want to make sure that it continues to thrive once you have decided to step aside.

At Haslers chartered accountants and business advisers in East London and Essex, we believe it is never too soon for care home owners put in place succession and exit plans to achieve a smooth transition of leadership for the businesses they have created.

If the business is family-owned, we can help you look at the skills, abilities and wishes of children or other relatives, to help you decide whether keeping the business in the family is the right option, particularly if your successors would need time to understand and learn the complexities of running the care home or homes.

If there is no obvious family successor, a management team buyout or sale to an external buyer might be the best option. We can provide the appropriate advice to support you through the process, including advice on maximising the value and tax efficiency of the transaction.

As part of your succession planning, we can advise on retirement planning to help you organise your personal finances for later life.

With your succession plan in place, an effective transition should not only ensure the continuity of your care home business – it can also help to lay a solid foundation for future owners.

To find out more about Haslers’ East London and Essex-based succession planning services for care homes, please contact us.

Accountants for Care Homes

Maximising business and personal tax efficiency always makes sense. At Haslers chartered accountants in East London and Essex, our tax specialists can provide comprehensive tax expertise to support care home businesses to meet HM Revenue & Customs requirements while also operating in the most-tax efficient way.

We can advise on issues including:

  • The most tax-efficient structure for your business
  • Personal, partnership and corporate taxes, for compliance and tax-efficiency
  • Capital allowances, which provide tax relief on investment in plant and equipment for the business
  • Specialist advice on all aspects of VAT, including potential VAT refunds
  • Capital gains tax planning and entrepreneur’s relief, which reduces capital gains tax on the sale of certain business assets
  • Tax-beneficial investment, including Venture Capital Trusts and Enterprise Investment Schemes.

Because we recognise that for many care home operators, business and personal finances are closely linked, we look at the big picture of your finances, drawing on the expertise of our in-house Independent Financial Adviser partners, to advise on issues including tax-efficient pensions and retirement planning and inheritance tax planning.

To find out more about Haslers’ East London and Essex-based tax compliance and planning services for care homes, please contact us.

To find out more about our accountancy, tax and business advisory services for care homes, please contact us.

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