Audit and Assurance

To maximise performance and profitability, you need to know as much as possible about your business.

Although an audit might sometimes seem like a time-consuming, box-ticking chore, it can bring real benefits to your business when carried out in the right way.

At Haslers, we use audits as an opportunity to understand exactly how your business and its financial systems have been performing, and to identify if that performance could be improved.

You will benefit from a fresh insight into your business and its health to help you strengthen financial systems, improve financial efficiency and tackle areas of risk, and to inform forward planning.

We carry out audits cost-effectively, with minimal interruption to your business, and wherever possible use the same staff to provide continuity of service and knowledge.

We also provide assurance report services to specialist sectors with specific reporting requirements, including charities and law firms, to provide external reassurance on specific aspects of financial information, or financial statements as a whole. These reports may be used when raising finance, for example, or demonstrating compliance with industry-specific requirements.

Audit exemption rules introduced in 2012 mean that many smaller companies can choose whether or not to undergo an audit. While some businesses may choose to take advantage of the exemption, there are circumstances in which a voluntary audit is likely to be worthwhile investment.

These could include satisfying lenders when sourcing funding, to demonstrate credibility to shareholders and other stakeholders, or to strengthen financial discipline within the business. A voluntary audit could also be useful to interested parties, such as potential purchasers, in the event of an exit from the business.

Whether you work with us on voluntary or statutory audit, we will  use the process as an opportunity to help your business do even better, by allowing you to review the key drivers within your business, your financial controls and your management systems.

To find out more about how our East London and Essex audit services can help you, please contact us.