Business planning services

A robust business plan is a key cornerstone of every new and growing business, helping you to clarify your business ideas, identify potential problems, mitigate risks and allocate resources. It will also help you set financial targets and measure performance against these.

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As well as underpinning your business decision-making, your plan will provide key information for banks and other lenders and demonstrate your credibility and viability to other stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers and potential employees.

At Haslers, we understand that you know your business better than anyone. We will work with you to strengthen your business plan, drawing on our experience in working with businesses of all sizes and sectors and our accountancy, tax and other expertise, so that it delivers maximum benefit.

Getting a business off the ground, and establishing your position, is a significant achievement. As it develops, the issues and challenges you face are likely to become more complex.

So alongside your business plan, your business strategy will support your longer-term plans for achieving business goals, by providing focus and direction to help you move from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

You will probably need different strategies for different stages of the life of your business. As your business develops, it may also open up new opportunities, so your business strategy needs to reflect this new direction. Alternatively, you may need to plan for dealing with difficult trading conditions.

You may even need a specific strategy to help ensure you maximise the value of your business ahead of a management buyout or disposal.

Whatever your circumstances, it is wise to regularly review your business strategy, so that you stay on track to achieve what you want and to measure your progress against your targets.

Strategic planning has always been an important part of Haslers’ work and we can provide expert advice to help identify the tools and actions necessary to help you achieve your goals and keep you moving in the right direction.

To find out more about how our East London and Essex business planning and business strategy services can help you, please contact us.