Forensic Accounting Services

Forensic Accounting Services
Our specialist team of forensic investigation experts are able to support solicitors, insurance companies and fellow accountancy professionals with matters relating to disputes and litigation.
We are able to provide:

• Valuation of companies and businesses for divorce proceedings – either party appointed, single joint expert or shadow expert
• Company, shareholder and partnership valuations
• Detailed forensic reports
• Expert witness services for court cases and court appointments
• Forensic accounting relating to cases of fraud
• Loss of profit calculations
• Providing financial analysis for mediation

Litigation Support
Our investigations specialists can assist with evidence gathering when litigation is involved.
We can help with:
• Pre-litigation advice, helping you to consider whether a claim has merit
• During litigation proceedings – by helping you assess defence evidence, disclosed documents or supporting evidence to issue a counter claim
• Defending a claim against you – by assessing the merits of your case and the case against you

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Forensic Accounting Services