Forensic Accounting

We understand the importance of delivering an outstanding service that is focused on meeting legitimate business needs and adding to the underlying value of our clients’ businesses.

Expertise typically sought by clients falls into one of two categories;

  • Fraud & Financial Investigations
    Prevention or identification and quantification of fraud and financial misconduct within an organisation.
  • Dispute Advisory Services
    Independent Expert Evidence;
    Litigation support by way of accounting expertise and insight
    Single Joint Expert (SJE).

Fraud & Financial Investigations

An investigation may be warranted where an offence has already come to light, where there is merely a suspicion of wrongdoing or where there is a perceived vulnerability arising from poor systems and controls.

Whatever the scenario, our focused approach seeks to clearly define and narrow the scope of the engagement so as to deliver the most appropriate and efficient solution.  Our goal is that the client has both clarity as to cost and comfort that the engagement will yield output which is of tangible value going forwards.

Where possible we employ an array of technological tools which assist in streamlining what can often be labour intensive processes.

Dispute Advisory Services

Our role in dispute advisory can take two forms; Independent Expert Evidence including Single Joint Expert and Litigation Support for either Applicant/Claimant or Respondent/Defendant.

We are able to offer invaluable accounting expertise on matters pertaining to Share Valuation, Loss of Earnings, Misfeasance, Breach of contract, Divorce, Asset tracing, Finance facility abuse, Insolvency Act antecedent transactions, Wrongful trading.