HR & Team Development

HR & Team Development offer professional, flexible and honest advice you can rely upon.

We understand that business owners face a complex regime of employment law and regulations when they employ staff, no matter what size their business is. Ensuring you are compliant with the rules can be a real distraction from the day to day running of your business and can be very costly if you get it wrong.

Working with your staff to improve engagement and staff retention is crucial to ensure you get the best out of your teams and they can help drive growth and profitability.

Our expert team, led by HR Partner Christine Inch offers clients a commercial, practical, “can-do” approach to support you to manage, develop and retain your staff and help you ensure you stay up-to-date with new legislation and best practice.

We provide professional support on all aspects of HR from policies and contracts through to disciplinary matters, redundancy, best practice and team management, development including staff motivation and engagement.

We can provide HR support over the phone, e-mail or, if you prefer, face to face. We offer a variety of flexible fee options from Pay as you go, to fixed fee options or project based pricing. But rest assured there is no minimum charge for the services we provide. All solutions are tailored to suit our client’s needs and their business.

You can benefit from flexible access to HR advice as and when you need it providing you with peace of mind that your HR issues are under control and you are maximising the performance of your team to drive profitability.  All of this is without the need for you to commit to the cost of employing your own in-house HR professional.

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Our services include:

Christine Inch

Christine Inch

HR & Team Development Partner

Allanagh Roderick

Allanagh Roderick

HR Manager

Kirsty Ransby

Kirsty Ransby

HR Officer

HR Advisory

Managing Capability & Performance

Performance management is essential to improve employee performance and efficiency.   It is about setting objectives to ensure delivery of business results and bring about change where needed.  Haslers HR can advise on all aspects of capability and performance management.


Every company, by law, should have a formal written grievance procedure to deal with issues and conflicts which can arise in the workplace.  An early informal solution to any such issue is ideal but unfortunately sometimes formal action is necessary.  Haslers HR can assist with achieving a resolution at the early stages and thereby save you valuable management time.

Absence Management

We all get sick from time to time but sickness does need to be managed and records kept.  Why are staff off and for how long?  Is there a pattern emerging? Have you got a policy in place? Haslers HR can advise you on the benefits of ‘return to work interviews’ after sickness and any triggers towards disciplinary action.

Disciplinary matters

A disciplinary procedure is a process for dealing with alleged employee misconduct or poor performance.  In this area of HR, taking advice early on from a professional is essential in order to minimise the risk of a costly Tribunal claim. Haslers HR consultants will advise on how to handle the procedure correctly in order to protect you and your business.

Advice and attendance at hearings

Do you know how to prepare for a disciplinary hearing?  They are scary for both employees and employers.  If an employer fails to follow procedure and be fair they can leave themselves open to a claim for unfair dismissal.  Haslers HR can provide advice and attend meetings to take away some of the stress, save you time and ensure you navigate this HR minefield fairly and successfully.


It’s never nice but sometimes businesses do need to scale back on staff.   Haslers HR can support you and ensure you don’t fall foul of the Regulations and face a claim from the employee. We can advise you how to have those difficult conversations and manage your staffing to achieve the business result you need.

TUPE – Team integration, Culture, Motivation Maps

Taking over a business or merging with another business brings various employment challenges with it.  Do you need support with integrating different cultures and teams? Do you need a tool to understand what drives your teams?  This is an area we can support you on via the use of Motivational Maps.

Preparing for Sale

Are you thinking about an exit strategy for your business?  A key part of preparing for the sale of your business is ensuring that all your HR procedures and documentation are in place ready for any due diligence.  You also need to consider the potential implication on your employees.


Please contact a member of our team to find out more about our HR & Team Development Services.

Team Performance  & Development


Haslers HR consultants can advise on the benefits of using staff appraisals to ensure that all staff have key objectives and gain feedback on their performance on a regular basis and can work with you to devise the most appropriate appraisal solution for your business.

Career Development Plans

Have you identified any staff in your team who have the potential to take on a more senior role in the Company?  If so what are you doing to motivate, retain and develop these team members? Haslers HR can advise on putting together development plans for key individuals to ensure that business objectives and the individuals’ objectives are met.

Succession planning

Do you have succession plans in place for your leadership team?   It not will there be a gap in your business if somebody leaves?   Succession planning is important and Haslers HR can advise on various tools that can be used to assist with this.

Motivational Maps to drive team performance

High performance is made up of motivation and skill.   For your business to be a success you need staff to deliver to the highest level which will then impact on profitability.   Through the use of motivational maps, Haslers HR can work with you to understand what motivates and drives your staff so as to achieve optimum performance from team members.


Do you know that if staff are engaged they are 18% more productive and 49% less likely to leave your organisation (Source: Engage for Success).   Haslers can work with you and provide tools to measure your staff engagement and discuss strategies for increasing engagement levels.


Have you got issues with relationships between team members which are causing disruption in the business?   Such issues can take up inordinate amount of management time and affect performance and business results.    One area which might help is mediation and Haslers HR can assist with this.


TUPE – Legal side and Compliance

The legislation covering TUPE (where businesses are sold or merge) is complex and detailed.  Early advice is needed and Haslers HR can advise on best practice in this area to ensure that business owners are meeting their legal obligations.


Contracts are a must whether you employ one or hundreds of staff. Haslers HR consultancy can prepare contracts for your staff so that both know where you stand and expectations are clear on both sides.   It is legal document so important that all aspects comply with the latest employment regulations.

Staff Handbook

Why should you have a staff handbook and what should it cover?

At Haslers HR we believe a staff handbook is essential for the efficient running of your business.  It sets out all key policies and acts as a reference tool for dealing with any misunderstandings or problems within the employment relationships. Haslers HR consultants can assist you in producing a clear set of policies and procedures, which can alleviate staffing issues.

Maternity / paternity

The regulations around this area are complex and each year hundreds of Tribunal cases are lodged by employees relating to pregnancy/maternity.   Don’t get caught out by these – seek early advice from Haslers HR.


We understand that running a business is a full-time job.  We can relieve your business of pressure, and save significant time and money, by processing your payroll requirements for you, including Auto Enrolment pension providers.

Whether your payroll is run weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually, we process payroll requirements swiftly, using the latest computerised technology, and respond promptly to enquiries. Instant online communication is available over our internet connection.

Our experienced, qualified and dedicated payroll staff provide a reliable, professional service, so you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you will receive first class support, every step of the way.

Attraction and retention

Advice on recruitment

Recruitment can be costly so it’s important that businesses have a clear process in place for selecting staff and Haslers HR can assist with this including recommending tools to use to assess senior levels of staff.

Staff engagement & motivation

Do you know how engaged your staff are?  If not this could impact on your level of staff retention.   To replace a member of staff could cost you up to 40% of their salary taking into account the actual recruitment process plus training of any new person.  Why not ask for more information on how Haslers HR can assist you to help improve your staff motivation, engagement and retention.