Owed Money

Owed Money

If you are owed money, you want to maximise the amount you recover, which can involve using formal insolvency measures as a debt recovery tool.

As a creditor, you may also become involved in insolvency proceedings as a result of others taking action.

Whatever the circumstances, Haslers’ insolvency and recovery specialists can help with cost-effective, expert advice and support designed to achieve positive outcomes for creditors. Our services include:

  • advice to creditors on completing and submitting statutory demands for the payment of a debt
  • advice on drafting and submission of written claims stating how much is being claimed (proof of debt) to a liquidator, official receiver or trustee by creditors of a bankrupt or company that has been wound up
  • advice on completing and submitting proxy forms, enabling someone to represent the creditor at a creditors’ meeting and vote on their behalf
  • monitoring insolvency practitioners’ fees to protect creditors’ interests
  • accepting appointments as liquidator (of a company) or trustee (in bankruptcy cases)
  • advising other professional advisers on insolvency proceedings initiated on behalf of clients.

We have a strong track record in maximising outcomes for creditors and can draw on the skills of our forensic accounting team to assist in asset investigation and tracing.

To find out more about how our East London and Essex owed money services can help you, please contact us.

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