Personal Advice

If your personal debts are spiralling out of control, it can seem that getting back on track financially is almost impossible.

But seeking the expert advice of our insolvency and recovery experts can provide a breathing space in which to explore options for resolving your financial issues and put in place affordable solutions.

It may be appropriate to put in place an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA), a contract between you and your creditors. Each IVA is a bespoke arrangement, tailored to the individual and their creditors, and may involve a one-off payment or where appropriate, a series of monthly payments.

IVAs can only be arranged by a licensed insolvency practitioner. An IVA is also a binding contract and should not be entered into without obtaining the correct advice.

To ensure that you instruct the right people you should have an initial face-to-face meeting, which we offer free of charge at Haslers.

Whatever the solution to your personal debt issues, our team can help you to face your financial challenges and achieve constructive outcomes.

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To find out more about how our East London and Essex bankruptcy and other personal debt services can help you, please contact us.