Corporate tax planning

Whether you run your business as a sole trader, a partnership or a company, your financial performance will be a key priority.

Making sure you maximise the funds available to reinvest in your business, or to help you achieve a secure financial future for you and your family, is crucial, so it makes sense to optimise your corporate tax position.

At Haslers, we have a strong track record in putting in place strategies designed to manage your tax costs and maximise tax efficiency.

As well as ensuring you take all the tax relief and allowance opportunities available to you, we can also develop planning strategies designed around your commercial and personal objectives. We can advise on issues including:

  • choice of business structure and incorporation
  • partnership tax planning
  • ownership structures for the family business
  • research and development tax credit claims
  • choice of accounting date
  • expanding your business
  • capital expenditure planning
  • raising tax-efficient business finance.

Our tax specialists work closely with our other expert teams to provide integrated advice designed to deliver maximum value across your business.

For more information on how our East London and Essex corporate tax planning services can help you, please contact Jon O’Shea.

Jon O’Shea

Jon O’Shea

Chairman/ Senior Tax Partner