Snow days replaced with e-learning days

Snow days replaced with e-learning days

Snow days replaced with ‘e-learning days’ – could an American initiative work here in the UK

A number of schools in the American state of South Carolina are taking a novel approach to reducing classroom down time during the winter months, by replacing snow-days with e-learning days.

Anderson County School District Five has announced that it plans to pilot the initiative when winter weather makes travelling to school too hazardous.

Teachers will set their students assignments which can be downloaded via school-supplied tablets.

“It just makes good sense,” Anderson School District Five superintendent, Tom Wilson, told The Washington Post.

In previous years, any school days lost as result of bad weather, were added to the end of the school year but officials in Anderson County have admitted that only a small percentage of students bothered to attend the ‘makeup days’ – prompting the district to replace them with e-learning days.

Mr Watson highlighted the fact that the district has, in recent years, invested $11million (£8.3million) in tablets for students from kindergarten age through to the 12th grade (sixth form), adding: “We think we are in a position to make it work”.

Responding to parental concerns regarding lack of access to the internet at home, school officials confirmed that this would not be accepted as a reasonable excuse for dodging schoolwork, pointing out that students would be able to “download assignments to their Chromebooks ahead of time to ensure access in the case of Wi-Fi outage”.

Mr Wilson also added that students who are unable to carry out their assignments at home would be given five days to complete them once they return to school.

Snow days replaced with e-learning days