Des Moore

“TRAD Group have worked with Haslers for 20 years, in our early years with Haslers, Martin Anderson who sadly passed away some years ago, had a major influence in our Groups strategic planning with innovative bespoke solutions”.  

“It has been a very interesting journey and always with great advice following the various changes in Government Tax regulations etc”.   

“The most important part of your service to us is the fact that personal contact is always maintained with key members of staff such as Pamela Grant and Michael Watts and has been over many years”.  

When asked – How can we add more value to you?  TRAD Group responded with “Just keep on doing the same things that have made Haslers a great organisation such as up to date, class leading advice and maintaining the personal relationship feel that in my view is essential”  

According to Desmond Moore, trust is the greatest benefits of working with Haslers.   

“Despite Haslers now being a much larger organisation than it was when it first became known to us, it has maintained the personal feel which is something that has exceeded our expectations since working with you” 

Des Moore – CEO – TRAD Group