Gerry Czerniawski

Haslers have been advising and supporting my wife and I with our personal tax affairs for properties in London and France for four years.

Before we started working with Haslers, while both my wife and I are relatively bright people we had found the tax situation hugely daunting and complex (in relation to our two properties) while also holding down two demanding professional ‘day’ jobs.  This meant that we struggled with the multiple complexities around income tax and the taxes associated with properties at home and abroad.

Haslers are local to where we live, and I popped in one day and spoke to one of the lovely reception desk staff who pointed us in the direction of Peter Cross.  We were looking to find someone who could help us navigate our way through the complexities of our personal tax in relation to properties in the UK and Europe.

Initially we chose to work with Haslers because of the very warm greeting from the reception staff followed by a meeting with Peter at their offices with my wife and I. Peter came across as friendly, understanding and very patient as we spoke to him about what we were looking for. Subsequently my wife and I decided we would trust Peter to guide us. This has been one of the best decisions we have made in recent years.

The greatest benefits we’ve received from working with Haslers is Peter Cross’ unfailing patience to answer our questions (no matter how small the issue was/is).

If someone asks, “Why should I use Haslers”, I will tell them the warmth, patience and approachability of staff at Haslers is exemplary. Haslers go “the extra mile” by Peter Cross giving up many of his evenings over the years to help us with our tax related issues.

Haslers epitomises the ethics of care, warmth, transparency and dedication. Some of the benefits that I have experienced through working with Haslers is their knowledge and understanding of tax affairs both at home and abroad; never-ending patience when dealing with, and successfully responding to our many questions; speed and efficiency in supplying the appropriate paperwork and expertise when producing tax-returns.

I would highly recommend Haslers.

(Gerry Czerniawski, Professor of Education, University of East London)